Frequently Asked Questions

In our client studies, some clients saw results in as little as two weeks.  We suggest using consistently for a full 8 weeks to see your ultimate results.

Apply on each eye and/or each brow. For eyelashes, apply on the eyelid along your lash line.  For brows apply on the hairs. You may use fingertips to rub in. Allow oil to absorb into skin before applying makeup.

With our new One Click Applicator Technology, it’s measured for you. Click once for each area. Individual use may vary depending on person. Multiple clicks may be necessary to cover larger areas.

You may use it up to two times per day. A little goes a long way.  We suggest you do not over apply. 

In our client studies, we found that our clients who wore eyelash extensions did not see increase in extension shedding. Because Oil of Bergamot® Eyelash & Brow /re·ju’ve·na’tor/ ™ is formulated to be light, the oil gets absorbed right onto your lash line quickly and effectively. 

Normal oils, such as coconut oil and castor oil, will sit on your extensions and erode your adhesives. Our formula does not! As a matter of fact, our clients saw stronger and longer lashes while wearing their extensions.

It’s proven to help your natural lashes stay healthy while wearing your extensions, even giving your lash artist more lashes to put extensions on!

We recommend waiting at least 48-72 hours of getting a new set before starting your applications rather a new set or fill. Keep in mind, use on your lash line on the eyelid, not on your extensions.

Of course you can. If you are using on the lower lash, you want it to be the last application of your process.  You will not need to click any more oil on your brush.

We recommend continued use of Oil of Bergamot® Eyelash & Brow /re·ju’ve·na’tor/ ™ to see the desired results you’ve gotten and love. You may discontinue applying at any time, but your natural lashes will eventually go back to their previous growth cycle and fullness.

Yes, you can! We suggest it.

A lash lift can contain chemicals that strip off the natural oils from your lashes and can cause your lashes to become brittle. Oil of Bergamot® Eyelash & Brow /re·ju’ve·na’tor/ ™ paired with a lash lift, can give you an even more captivating look after your treatment. 

We suggest that you wait 24-48 hours after your treatment before to starting or resuming use.

No. Our products are exclusively sold online at www.oilofbergamot.com

Oil of Bergamot® Eyelash & Brow /re·ju’ve·na’tor/ ™ is safe to use for contact lens wearers because it’s applied to the eyelid. We do recommend you removing your contact lens before applying. You may reinsert 10-15 minutes after the oil has absorbed into the skin

Absolutely!  We’ve also seen men apply and rub into beard for ultimate thickness!